BLE has recently become the exclusive importer of Mecbo, an Italian manufacturer of concrete and industrial pumps, for the Benelux. The Mecbo company was founded in 1972 and has an extensive range of stationary and truck-mounted concrete pumps.
The range of stationary pumps ranges from small screed pumps with a capacity of 10 cubic meters per hour to track-mounted concrete pumps up to 130 cubic meters per hour.
In addition, Mecbo produces stationary pumps with special applications such as pumps with a concrete drum and even with a distribution arm mounted on the track chassis.
For truck-mounted pumps, you can contact Mecbo for all applications with different ranges, ranging from a city pump with or without an 18-meter mast to a 53-meter pump with a pump element of 180 cubic meters per hour.
Mecbo's industrial pumps are used in various branches of industry such as pumping waste materials, sludge, chemical products, water purification, ....
Thanks to a modern and innovative production equipment, Mecbo succeeds in supplying high-quality products, adapted to the market and tailored to the customer.





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